Best Wax Paper For Baking : Top 11 Compared & Reviewed

“Jeanne’s sisters thought nothing of themselves…. Helen stayed up late in Brookline, baking. Lemon squares, and brownies, pecan bars, apple cake, sandy almond cookies. Alone in her kitchen, she wrapped these offerings in waxed paper and froze them in tight-lipped containers….

Helen was the baker of the family. What she felt could not be purchased. She grieved from scratch.”
― Allegra Goodman, Apple Cake

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Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper ( Roll, 60 Square Feet)
Product Highlights:
  • reynolds parchment paper—contains one roll of reynolds kitchens parchment paper, measuring 60 square feet
  • fits most baking pans—12-inch width fits perfectly into most standard baking pans
  • reusable and reliable—reuse these oven paper sheets up to three times and save your pans from stuck-on food again and again
CutRite Wax Paper By ( Sq.Ft - Pack Of 3)
Product Highlights:
  • prevent splatters to keep microwave clean
  • line countertops when measuring, mixing, and shredding ingredients
  • make baking easier - rolling out dough, lining cake pans, catching frosting and sprinkies
Wax Paper Sheets Deli ( Cooking, Frying And Wrapping Cheese (Pink Stripes))
Product Highlights:
  • 【oil and waterproof】: the material design is effective against moisture, water and oil. it can be used as a packaging for grease and baked goods, which is convenient for daily baking and cooking.
  • 【easy clean up】: it saves us valuable cleanup time. after finishing, just throw away the wax paper. wax paper can be inserted into food containers or used with dishes, making cleaning easier and less washing dishes.
  • 【easy of use】: it is easy to pack all kinds of food, not only can be used in the kitchen, but also can be used to decorate snacks in parties. single extraction, very convenient to use. perfectly lined with paper plates, takeaway containers, lined biscuit boxes, food basket liners or gift wraps.
Food Wrapping Paper 50 ( Tissue For Bread Sandwich Burger Gift 218 250mm)
Product Highlights:
  • 【material】made of food grade wax paper, waterproof, grease proof non-stick and safe for your good.
  • 【durable】wax paper packaging has good air-tightness and is not easily damaged. however, it is not suitable for ovens and hot water.
  • 【design】wax paper has a small pink cake shape, cute and beautiful, add fun to your life.
150 Pieces Wax Paper ( Party And School Baking, Frying, 8.3 X 9.8 Inches)
Product Highlights:
  • ample quantity: you will be provided with 150 pieces red bird pattern wax papers, large quantity and lovely pattern will meet your daily use needs and be convenient for you to replace, which can be applied on many places, like wrapping sandwiches, lined with plastic baskets and more
  • exquisite design: these wax paper sheets are printed with exquisite and lovely patterns on the surface, such as birds, hearts, flowers and more, which are nice for decorating your baked goods, and when you use it to package various foods, they will make foods look more appetizing
  • extensive usage: the durable food papers can package many kinds of foods, which not only can be applied in the kitchen, but also can be applied to decorate snacks in parties and other candies packaging, and it also can be applied for packaging hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, french fries and more
1500 Pieces Square Parchment ( For Cooking Baking Air Fryers Steamer (7 X 7 Cm))
Product Highlights:
  • 1 to 1 baking paper: a set of 1500 pieces square baking papers sheets, approx. 2.76 x 2.76 inches/ 7 x 7 cm, one bun/ bread/ dessert/ small cake uses one piece of wax paper, the appropriate size will not cause waste, and don't worry about the size of parchment sheets is not suitable for your bamboo steamer, air fryer, steamer
  • safe and delicious: the paper steamer paper is made from quality pulp, non-toxic and safe, wax-free and tasteless, the steamer paper maintains the integrity and beautiful appearance of bread, dumplings, buns, dessert and has no effect on the taste of food; the parchment paper sheets can also reduce the loss of nutrition
  • easy to clean: square steam paper double-sided silicone oil anti-sticking, effectively separating food and steamer, so that there is no food residue in the steamer and air fryer, get rid of the trouble that the steamer is difficult to clean, so it is easy to clean, it is an essential part of baking accessories
500 Pack Interfolded Food ( Dispenser Box, 15 X 10.75 Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • 500 dry waxed parchment sheets in dispensing box, 15" x 10 3/4", pre-cut interfolded design for fast and easy dispensing.
  • microwavable and durable, 100% food safe, eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • after grabing one sheet, next sheet will pop up in the box and be ready to go.
500 Pack Interfolded Food ( Bakery Pick Up Tissues, 6 X 10.75 Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • 500 dry waxed parchment sheets in dispensing box, 6" x 10 3/4", pre-cut interfolded design for fast and easy dispensing.
  • microwavable and durable, 100% food safe, eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • after grabing one sheet, next sheet will pop up in the box and be ready to go.
50 Sheets Wax Paper ( Wrapping Tissue For Plastic Food Basket (Heart))
Product Highlights:
  • food grade material: food grade wax paper, waxed paper sheets for food, environmental protection non-toxic, easy to wrap. the product has excellent paper quality, strong and durable, greaseproof and adhesiveproof, healthy. safe for partnering with food by wrapping sandwiches or lining plastic baskets,can be assured use.
  • greaseproof & waterproof: when you use wax paper to pack the food, you will find the paper can effectively moisture-proof and oil-proof. because the surface of paper cover an separation film. meet your need to pack a variety of food for parties, fast food restaurants, family meals, picnics, etc. waterproof wax paper, parchment paper, deli paper, sandwich paper, insert in a food container or use with a plate makes clean up easy and you have less dishes to wash.
  • great look design: food sheets paper, deli paper is ideal for wrapping homemade chocolates, lollipops, candy bars, make them look lovely, also for homemade easter eggs, art and craft projects.
Zezzxu Wax Paper Food ( For Plastic Food Basket (Pink Rose Pattern))
Product Highlights:
  • ♥ package includes 2 boxes of wax paper (50 sheets/box), and the size of each wrapping paper is 21.8 x 25 cm (8.58 x 9.8 inch).
  • ♥ wax paper pure, no fluorescent agent, high strength, can direct contact with food.
  • ♥ waterproof and oilproof, can be used to package hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken rolls, sandwiches, cookies, bread and more.
Unbleached Parchment Paper Baking ( Fryers, Hamburger Patty Paper By FUNZON (Brown))
Product Highlights:
  • ✔【 kitchen basics】 : prevents delicate baked goods from sticking to the pan. cleaning easily after bakin, simply remove the paper and throw it away.
  • ✔【precut parchment paper】: 10x14 inch pre-cut natural parchment paper sheets with non-stick coating. easier to use than the parchment rolls, prevents wastage and save your time.
  • ✔【wide application】: use them for barbecue , line baking sheets, decorate cookies, wrap hamburgers, and even wrap your finished creations for a beautiful gift.

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