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Genrice Super Suction Large ( Puller/Sit-Ups/Arm Stretch/Abdominal Exercise At Home(Pink))
Product Highlights:
  • 【superior efficiency】- sit up assistant device with resistance bands helps beginners do more sit-ups training in less time.
  • 【multifunction portable gym 】-mainly used for strength training of abdominal muscles, chest muscles and arm muscles, push-ups, planks, side kicks,back stretching, yoga, lazy workout etc
  • 【100% natural materials 】resistance bands are made from natural latex which multi function tension rope have a perfect junction to the metal hook and perfect for strength rebound.rubber suction cup,super suction power,suitable for a wider range of temperaure
AB Doer 360 Basic ( Fat Burning, Toning And Fitness At Home)
Product Highlights:
  • abdobics makeover - the abdoer 360 ab trainer combines ab-toning and muscle shaping with aerobics into a fun, easy to do movement called abdobics; created by motivational educator john abdo, abdobics lets you shed pounds and get the sensational washboard abs of your dreams and it’s more fun than you ever thought possible. it comes complete with an instructional dvd, 3 workout dvds perfect for all fitness levels, quick-start guide and healthy eating plan
  • exercise safely - using dynamic seated workouts, this ab toner burns total body fat, builds and boosts aerobic stamina, enhances muscle tone and coordination, and improves core and back strength and flexibility to help trim your waistline, all in a safe, seated, effective movement without ever getting down on the cold hard floor to do a crunch
  • a portable gym - the secret lies in the core support column that works every region of your mid-section, dynamic fluidity seat to fire core muscles automatically, and the dual-acting massage rollers; these make ab doer 360 the ideal toner for lower and upper abs, as well as those love handle obliques
Sit Up Bar Sit ( And 4 Positions For Abs Home Exercise)
Product Highlights:
  • upgrade ergonomic design: the two-row support rods provide greater heel force and double efficiency. high density soft foam-covered handle provides comfortable padding which regulates traction on the back of the feet during the workout and protects the ankle from injuries.
  • higher stability: double suction cups are made of thickened rubber, with an 8.66-inch diameter, which provides a larger suction cup area and higher stability.
  • expandable height to fit more people: four height adjustments, which can be adjusted according to your needs, suitable for different people.
Slimerence Upgraded Sit Up ( Abdominal Muscle Exercise Double Pole Peach Pink)
Product Highlights:
  • ✔ [weight loss & muscle training] - sit up bar for floor can perform a variety of sports, perfect for sit-ups, push-ups, pilates, stretching, yoga, strength training. you can exercise your arm muscle, abdominal muscle, psoas and achieve the fitness effect of thin waist and reduce belly fat.
  • ✔ [strong suction cup] - portable sit-up aid is designed with strong suction that allows it can be attached firmly to the floor to provide a safe and stable stand for your workout. it has 4 gears of height adjustment and you can adjust the height for a variety of purposes to help you complete abdominal exercises and beautify your abdominal curves.
  • ✔ [ergonomic design] - this sit up equipment has 2 rows of soft high-density foam support rods for comfortable hand feel and anti-skid performance. it can protect your ankles from injury and keep your feet in a comfortable position to better fit the sit-up bar.
Shapelocker Sit Up Bar ( Workout Muscle Training Body Stretching Lose Weight)
Product Highlights:
  • higher efficiency - the upgraded sit up assistant device using ergonomic design, it perfectly fits the foot during the sit-ups. the two support rods wrapped in soft rubber and foam are located at the back of the foot and the front foot, respectively, to provide support while maintaining a comfortable foot feel. greatly improve the efficiency of your exercise.
  • double suction cups - unlike other sit up bar that have only a single suction cup, our sit-up equipment has two self-suction cups with diameter of 10.5 cm placed at the bottom. provides a very powerful grip to ensure that the sit up assistant device will not be pulled up during your use. please read the installation instructions carefully before use and make sure the floor is smooth and seamless. and don't forget to pull down the suction brake at last.
  • adjustable height - the upper support rod can be adjusted in height, and there are four gears to choose from. press the spring button and gently push or pull the support rod until the spring button snaps into another adjustment port. it is suitable for people of different shapes to train together. you also can share the fun of this exercise with your family and friends.
Flyfan Sit Up Bar ( Exercise, Core Strength Muscle Training Equipment)
Product Highlights:
  • 【ergonomic, comfortable and safe sit up bar】: two large suckers are made of durable silicone. four heights is very convenient to adjust according to your needs. thickened soft sponge can provide better cushioning of the instep during exercise and reduce unnecessary injuries. with this situp foot holder you can do sit-ups without having to bother anyone else.
  • 【need smooth ground】: the contact surface should be smooth and clean, like tile and marble floor. pay attention to avoid gaps and clean the ground before installation.
  • 【suction plus】: for better adsorption effect, it comes with 3 sticky pads(adhesive backed sheets of plastic). when stuck to the floor, the sticky pad can help overcome gaps or grout that might inhibit the suction cups ability to well suck. the sticky pad will lose sticky after remove and can't be reused, so don't remove it if you want to exercise on the same place.
Jandecfit Sit Up Bar ( Workout Anytime, Anywhere Makes You An Abs Master …)
Product Highlights:
  • 【double rod adjustment】sit up bar supplement equipment ,dual lever angle infinitely variable adjustment, suitable for all human feet can be used by the whole family.adjust the height according to different training movements and different foot types, and improve the user comfort to the greatest extent.
  • 【doulle bar design】 the two-row support rods provide greater heel force and double efficiency,the outer layer is surrounded by thick high density soft foam, which can provide cushioning to protect the instep from pain. the upper layer is non-slip and the lower layer is easy to clean. high density dual lever with thickened eva handle provides comfortable padding which regulates traction on the back of the feet during the workout and protects the ankle from injuries.
  • 【quality material】sit-ups adopt healthy natural material, thickened silicone sucker. the diameter of the suction cup is 12.5cm (5") which provides a larger suction cup area and higher stability.the foot sit up bar is very easy for home installation without need any tools,only to find a dry and clean flat ground,then put down the sit up bar on the ground,pull down the lock. last adjust gears as needed.
AERLANG Sit Up Assistant ( Workout Equipment For Abdominal Core Strength Muscle Training)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful suction and comfortable:the upgraded sit up bar with 2 thickened suction cups, the sit up equipment has almost double suction than usual single cup, makes the suction of the sit-up aid more stronger and stable. the design of two-row support rods and the high-density soft foam covered handle is comfortable and non-slip, which can protects the ankle from injuries.

  • cost-effective and portable: the sit up bar for floor has the advantages of light weight and small size, and can be placed in a small corner of the home and office, exercise at any time. save time and space, and more importantly, save you the high cost of going to the gym.

  • shape the perfect body curve: this is a professional abs master that makes sit-ups easier, strengthens your abdominal muscles. helping you play sit-ups, push-ups, planks, tummy tucks, sidekicks, stretches, yoga, etc. support a variety of exercise modes to achieve the effect of exercising abdominal muscles and shaping.

Aoyi Ab Wheel Roller ( Equipment, Home Gym Fitness Device For Men Women)
Product Highlights:
  • 【original design】— compared with other ab wheel rollers (single wheel), this ab roller provides 3 support points, three wheels are stressed, more safe and stable, no rollover, no knee injury. specially designed for abdominal training. unisex, exercise eight pack abs, sexy vest line -- just choose and do it.
  • 【multiple fitness modes】— it can be used as an abdomen wheel, or as an auxiliary device for sit-ups. a set of equipment can perform various exercises, such as abdominal exercises, sit-ups, push-ups, arm and leg stretching and training, waist and hip workout, etc. weight loss and shaping.
  • 【tension bands combination】— ab roller kit with two resistance bands and a knee pad can be used for pulling exercise. the resistance bands can provide the necessary contraction force to enhance the strength of the chest, arms, shoulders, abdomen, and legs: no resistance = no result.
ZC GEL Sit Up ( & 4 Positions For Abs Home Indoor Exercise(Black))
Product Highlights:
  • 【upgrade features】- the upgraded sit up bar for floor (2 row support bar & 4 positions) is more ergonomic and durable. adopt extra added high self adhesive material, thickened silicone sucker, bold the tube core, thickened foam & two rows of support rods and strong suction, this sit up assistant device is more secure,more stable and more comfortable.
  • 【multifunctional】-- a perfect exercise equipment to help you to reduce abdominal fat, strengthens and firms abdominal core muscles. you can use this sit up bar to play sit-ups,push-ups,elbow plank,press-up stretching back,side kick,flat support,belly movement easily without others’ help.(attach multiple motion modes guide)
  • 【easy to install and portable】- the portable sit up aid is light and easy to install. this sit up workout equipment can be used at home or in the office to shape your body, especially for those who don't have time to work out in the gym. this is a very ideal portable workout equipment that saves time and money.
TARFEPA Sit Up Bar ( Muscle Training Exercise Equipment For Home Or Work)
Product Highlights:
  • upgrade suction: large suction rubber chassis provide more suction cup area and higher stability. double suction that made of natural rubber is durable, non-slip and long life, making this sit-up bar more stronger than usual single cup.
  • ergonomical design: two-row support rods, high density soft foam covered handle,comfortable padding made of high elasticity eva to regulate traction on the back of the foot. ergonomical design and quality materials avoid your ankle getting injuries or bruising during the sit up exercise. this sit up assistant device helps you to shape your perfect body curve in comfort and safety.
  • height adjustable: four gear adjustments, ideal for all your family members and friends. the height of this sit up strength training bar can be easily adjusted according to all user's height.
Portable Sit Up Bar ( Workout Equipment For Home Or Work)
Product Highlights:
  • 1. ✈【sit up exercise kit】1*sit up bar,1*jump rope.the sit-up bar fitness assistant device set is designed to provide you with abdominal training, provide overall aerobic exercise, and improve your physical health.
  • 2. ✈【upgraded function】the surface of the massage stick is covered by soft rubber. this means that it will not hurt your feet and can enhance your exercise efficiency and comfort experience.n be used to massage the soles of the feet and improve your comfort experience.
  • 3.✈【double large suction cup】the double suction cups of sit-up aids are made of thickened rubber.they can provide stronger adsorption and service life.
Tikaton Sit Up Bar ( Rode, Ab Exercise Machine For Home Work Travel)
Product Highlights:
  • added features - the included resistance bands are made of 100% high-quality silicone. the resistance bands have good resilience, wear-resistance, and anti-aging protection. our support bar comes with a thickened foam to help avoid injuries or muscle strain.
  • upgrade portable sit up bar & design patent protection - are you having trouble choosing the right resistance bands and sit up bar? our newly upgraded sit up bar with resistance bands can solve your problem!
  • superior efficiency - the sit-up bar with resistance bands helps beginners do more sit-ups in less time. to someone more experienced with sit-ups, our bar and resistance band set can help you workout faster or achieve higher goals. the sit-up bar makes abs easier to roll while exercising and provides smoother motion. our sit up bar with resistance bands helps exercise your abdominal muscles and achieve the results you want. the sit-up bar can tone or strengthen muscles, or reduce belly fat.

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