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YXILEE 6Pcs Pilates Ring ( Band Non Slip Socks For Fitness Kit (6-PCS Purple Set))
Product Highlights:
  • ★【product including】★:1 * 15-inch pilates ring/1 * 9.8-inch pilates ball/1 * 72-inch yoga strap/1 * 16.5-inch 8 shape resistance/ 1*hip fabric resistance band /1 * non-slip pilates socks
  • ★【full body workout】★: our pilates kit will systematically help you build muscle, butt, leg, arm and increase flexibility, agility. it can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body).
  • ★【multiple uses】★: 6 pcs fitness kit is often used for yoga, pilates, stretching exercises, fitness, and other training programs. it is also perfect for use by women after pregnancy and birth to keep their bodies in shape.
Tribu Len Pilates Bar ( Set | Weights | Total Gym Equipment For Home | Fitness)
Product Highlights:
  • lightweight & portable: simple to assemble and disassemble. compact storage, comes with a carrying bag. work out at home, the park, the gym, the beach, wherever you choose. perfect for travel
  • durable & sturdy: high-quality elastic bands. eco-friendly. resilient for daily use and a variety of exercises. 3 different resistance levels, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and 20 pounds. combine any variation of bands to increase resistance.
  • full body workout: all-in-one full-body workout equipment. lose weight, gain muscle and improve overall fitness. great for butt, legs, core, and arm exercises. build strength and get tone.
Exercise Ball Chair System ( For Gym, Home, Or Office (Blue, 65 Cm))
Product Highlights:
  • equipment included: 1 balance ball, 1 inflatable stability ring, 2 resistance bands, 1 inflation pump, 2 sets of plugs with remover and 1 workout guide and manual
  • recommended by trainers and physical therapists and for good reason. swiss balls are perfect to increase balance, abdominal strength and flexibility. not only for crossfit, but also good for active sitting as a desk chair in an office home or seating in a classroom.
  • includes large poster with core and fitness exercises. the premium excerise ball helps to focus on thighs, butt, ab workouts, pelvic floor, balancing, and other specific muscle targets and aerobic exercises. perfect gear to improve back posture and abs strength.
5 Pcs Pilates Ring ( Strap,Extension Strap And Training Ring For Fitness Kit)
Product Highlights:
  • reshape a sexy body - a pilates ring is ideal for all's easy to improving balance & posture, strengthening your core power, increasing flexibility that empowers you pay attention to the way of movement, finding balance, and ultimately fmaking a healthy lifestyle.
  • why choose our fitness ring set - perfect pilates ring and other accessories,it can boost health and energy, shape thighs and butt, tone muscles, increase flexibility,improve posture, burn fat. ideal for all pilates exercises no matter what levels you are in your pilates workout or yoga practice.
  • will never crack or break - our pilate ring made from durable fiberglass with a rubber outer sleeve, it has undergone tens of thousands of times of strong pressure tests, and is resistant to impact and extrusion.the magic circle with professional grade high density foam padding on both sides of grips,providing comfort for ankles, legs or arms.
Clothink Portable Pilates Bar ( Strength Training Home Workout Equipment)
Product Highlights:
  • 【 6 resistance bands】: from 30lbs to 180lbs. each elastic band is about 30lbs, strong and durable. you can freely choose the number of installed bands to adjust the tension. the rope is adjustable. you could adjust the length of the rope according to your height and training intensity.
  • 【 detachable pilates bar】: easy to carry. detachable and easy set-up design. this exercise stick is easy to store and carry, the length is only 34cm (13.3inches) after disassembly. it can be used at home, in the gym, park, garden, or at your office. you could also take it when you travel.
  • 【 upgraded version 】:adjustable length and strength of elastic bands to meet your different needs. as resistance band bar for exercise or leg workout equipment. latex tube is wrapped with nylon, which is safer to use.
YXILEE Pilates Ring Set ( Guide - Workout Equipment For Home Workouts (Purple))
Product Highlights:
  • ★9 pics package include★: 1 * 12-inch fitness pilates ring/1 * 9.8-inch pilates ball/ 1 *72-inch yoga strap/1 * pilates socks /5* 13-inch fabric resistance bands set/3* workout guide our pilates suits are carefully selected must-have product combinations, very suitable for beginners and has simple and clear exercise instructions on paper &muti free e-book pdf for you to start. our workout set is not only better quality but also user-friendly.
  • ★full body workout★: our pilates kits will systematically help you build muscle, butt, leg, core, shoulder, arm and increase flexibility, agility. it makes a good ab cruncher also. this is a great tool for body recovery that can help develop strength and strengthen body joints. it can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body). no matter your life stage, this pilates ring is designed to meet you where you are.
  • ★multiple uses★: 9 pcs fitness kit is often used for yoga, pilates, stretching exercises, fitness, and other training programs. the ball, ring, yoga strap serves the different functions for which you need them - provide resistance on various exercises. easy to maneuver and add them to your workout routine. these exercise kits will stand up to repeated use. i believe you will feel results after just one week.
Viajero Pilates Bar Kit ( Equipment For Body Fitness Squat Yoga With E-Book & Video)
Product Highlights:
  • 【2020 upgraded 3-section pilates bar kit with 2 powerful latex resistance bands】viajero pilates reformer is greatly designed with 2 nature resistance bands, 3-section assembly removable design for any fitness level with an all-in-one full-body workout. a powerful, durable, potable and multi-functional home gym equipment.
  • 【3-bars assembly for potable home gym】comes with 3-section removable 15”-bars made of solid iron pipe, firm and durable, and quickly assemble into a 46.4” long bar by simply twisting the threaded ends together, easy storage and portability for women and men to use at home, gym, office, or travel. a comfortable eva foam cover provides a non-slip & anti-sweat grip.
  • 【nature latex resistance bands with adjustable tension】viajero pilates stick features 2 pics nature latex resistance bands that can be stretched to 6 times its length without breaking. simply roll the tubes around the bar to reach your desired amount of tension for a variety of exercises for an all-over-body yoga strength workout.
Spirited NamastePortable PilatesYoga Body ( Workout Bands Trainer With Foot Strap & Pilate Gym Band)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ ultimate multi-use gym - pilate stick is often used for yoga, pilates, stretching exercises, fitness
  • ✅ complete body exercise - increase strength, fluidity, mobility using just a resistance band
  • ✅ portable & easy to carry - replaces bulky weighted fitness, tower, & barre ballet & bionic equipment
ALAGPRO Pilates Bar Kit ( Workout - Improve Fitness - Build Muscle & Shape Body)
Product Highlights:
  • 2021 upgraded professional pilates bar includes: alagpro pilates reformer with 3 replaceable resistance bands (10lb, 15lb, 20lb) + exercise guide + door anchor + ankle straps + carry bag. designed in usa, this premium toning bar transforms any room into a full-service gym. get it now!
  • the best multi-functional home gym set: alagpro training bar simulates various gym equipment with a complete all-in-one workout (squats, bench press, curls, rowing). excellent for the upper and lower body, it develops flexibility, endurance and agility. perfect for short women / men for different weights, at beginner, professional or elite fitness levels.
  • tone up that beach body you want: tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing improvements? you can change your body! this heavy duty squat bar is designed to strengthen & toning your body, arms, chest, abs, legs and butt . burn fat, build and gain muscle, lose weight, and improve your overall fitness level. new year, new body!

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