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Upper Body Workout Arm ( Workout With Dumbbells)
Product Highlights:
  • amazon prime video (video on demand)
  • lumowell (producer)
  • english (playback language)
BZK 3 In 1 ( For Exercise Upper Body - Home Fitness Equipment)
Product Highlights:
  • 💪【3 detachable handles & 8 exercise actions】: 8 different exercise actions can be obtained by changing the connection method of the hoist buckle ,high-quality cable rope, silent cable pulley and the 3 detachable handle. dedicated to train biceps, triceps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoids.
  • 💪【fixed & adjustable cables】: includes 6.56 feet fixed high-quality cable rope and 3.28 feet adjustable high-quality cable rope can be adjusted according to the user's height. made of high-strength pu material and steel wire, it can withstand strong friction and is not easy to break.
  • 💪【load-bearing & stability】: the upgraded loading pin increased tube wall thickness, it can bear a maximum weight of 280 pounds, suitable for barbell discs with a center hole less than 2.5 inches. the silent pulley which can rotate 360° made of special heavy steel to ensure stable and quiet of the pulley system operation.
GoFitness Push Down Machine ( Workout: Build Muscle, Strength Exercises)
Product Highlights:
  • your personal home gym: gofitness super push down bar acts as your personal workout trainer - helping you build a better upper body rapidly and achieve incredible results: build muscle, burn fat, strengthen core, increase strength and endurance. with this ultimate workout equipment, you can enjoy a full upper body workout without even stepping out of your home.
  • easy & train different muscle groups: unlike resistance bands, you don't need doors, rafters, beams or trees to fix. just pick up your gofitness push down bar and get a targeted workout with a variety of different movements. our home gym equipment can be used to target precise muscle groups to accelerate growth and enhance definition, including chest, arms, abs, shoulders and back.
  • high quality: gofitness at home workout equipment made of strong, durable material to ensure it withstands even the most intense workout sessions. each personal piece of workout equipment is made of 4 fully heat-treated super tough steel springs, high-strength engineering plastics, 304 stainless steel pipes and non-slip, high-density eva rubber handle. these super tough steel springs can withstand the most challenging workouts and never lose any resistance.
SHINYEVER Pull Up Bar ( Workout Bar For Home Gym Exercise Fitness)
Product Highlights:
  • 【kindly remind before purchase】please measure the size of your own door frame before purchase! customize length for an easy fit in most door frames between 28.3 to 37.8 inch. the width of the door frame should be wider than 7cm (the plastic pad touch with the door frame is 2.7 inch wide).
  • 【no screws & no drilling】simple to set up, just rotate the bar to press against the door frame and plug in the security lock. it's suitable to take down and re-set up regularly, uninstall and move from one location to another. never worry over-tighten the pull-up bar and cause bad damage to your door frame.
  • 【safety locking system】the horizontal bars with safety deadlock design, after adjusting the bar to the tightest then inserts the buckle in the card slot. prevent the pull-up bar from rotating during use, which makes sure the security for yourself.
Mirooyu Pull Up Bar ( Workout Bar, Multifunctional Portable Gym System)
Product Highlights:
  • [ door frame pull up bar ] - uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. the pull up bar is fixed by the weight of itself. you don't need to do any modification to the door frame, and it will not take any damage to the door frame. the real stress point is not on the door frame but on the wall.
  • [ multi function training bar ] - combines every exercise you need to build a powerful upper body. its the ultimate body sculpting and strength building tool that helps shape the upper body and tones your midsection. you can hang the pull up bar high on your doorframe or move it to the ground, used for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more.
  • [ top quality ] - made by durable and strong steel construction, max load: 130kg / 285lbs. and the foam handles provide comfortable grip. non-slip grip positions to comfortably perform wide, narrow and neutral-grip exercises.
UB Toner AtHome ( Lift Breasts, Strengthen Posture)
Product Highlights:
  • sculpt arms & lift breasts – get sleek, firm, and sexy arms and shoulders with the ub toner arm strength training device! our unique four simple exercises help give you the confidence, everyday strength, and toned look you've been dreaming of.
  • gain everyday strength – the included exercise chart demonstrates four easy exercises that will help you feel stronger in everyday life. you’ll notice a difference in your strength while playing with your kids, carrying groceries to the house, cleaning, gardening, and other routine activities.
  • portable, durable, lightweight – at only one pound, you can take ub toner anywhere you go. use it around the house, at the office, or pack it in your suitcase. the ub toner fits your schedule.
FEIERDUN Doorway Pull Up ( Fitness & 440 LBS (Blue, L28.3~36.2"))
Product Highlights:
  • no mark on your door: passing the patent application unique rhombus structure guarantees your security. soft anti-skid pvc mats on both side to protect the frame from cracking and prevent the damage caused by sudden falling off. the more weight the doorway chin up bars withstand, the more sturdy it is.
  • no screws and no drilling: you only take minutes to set it up and remove it on the door frame. just rotate the pole to press against the door frame. pay attention to do not use the pull up bar doorway on glass door, hollowed door or other fragile door frame.
  • sturdy locking mechanism: made of stainless steel, will prevent the pull up bar from rotating during use, which make sure the security for yourself. never worry over-tighten the pull-up bar and do bad damage to your door frame.
Mericodan Pull Up Bar ( Width For Home Gym Exercise Fitness Up To 660 Lbs)
Product Highlights:
  • 💪【2020 latest version pull up bar】- the pull-up bar inner tube is made of high-strength stainless steel, sturdy & durable & safety. and there are two anti-skid devices on both sides, it can be installed without tools, no drilling & no screws. the load capacity of the pull-up bar is 660 lbs and adjustable length about 28.3''-36.6'' (72cm-93cm). the harder you pull on the chin-up bar, the more stability the bar will possess.
  • 💪【adjustable length & space saving】-no need to drill, no need to install screws, you can easily install the height and adjust the position in any place you like, such as door frames, corridors, entrances, walls, etc., and can save space, easy to store. installation and disassembly are very convenient. the length can be adjusted by turning the steel pipe, it comes with a instruction manual and can be used with confidence.
  • 💪【absolute safety pull-up bar】- the patented 360-degree safety lock ensure that there is no looseness during use. larger and thicker silicone anti-skid pads have a larger contact area and friction to ensure user safety. when you pull the bar with power, the strength will be transferred to both sides. the stronger you pull, the more stable this pull up bar. at the same time, you can also get detachable and washable non-slip hand grips in the package, it can absorb sweat.
Fitlaya Fitness Home Gym ( Adjustable Spring Exercise Bar(70-180lbs))
Product Highlights:
  • 👍 complete upper body workout: designed to efficiently build and tone chest, arms, shoulders, back and abs muscle.
  • 👍 adjustable intensity level: easy to change resistance levels (70lbs~180lbs) by adjusting sports level springs. (be careful when you change the springs it may pinch your finger)
  • 👍 portable and easy to use: no tool is required, best exercise equipment for home office gym park dorm and traveling use.
Kinetic RT Full Body ( Bands, Upper Body Exercise Bands And Suspension Straps)
Product Highlights:
  • guaranteed results: combining these 3 great resistance training products will help you reach your fitness goals
  • multi-functional: providing the ability to workout with your own bodyweight, these products can be used individually or in combination for a more intense workout experience
  • kinetic bands: our unique fitness bands complement any workout routine, fitness or weight loss program
Coolcycling Indoor Fitness Pull ( Bar For Home Fitness Portable Gym System)
Product Highlights:
  • convenience: do not need to modify the door frame or cause any damage to the door frame, because the actual point of force should not be on the door frame, but on the wall.
  • multi-purpose: the product incorporates sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups. it is suitable for suite indoor doors and is a good helper for fitness and weight loss.
  • free exercise: turn any doorway into a private gym that can be installed in seconds.
I IBIFIC Pull Up ( Chin Up Workout Fitness Gym For Men And Women)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to use at home or in the office pull up bar - is a perfect tool for upper-body training. this home gym is a good decision for pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches, triceps dips, leg raises etc. upper body exercise equipment is easy to carry & to install. 

  • set up without screw& drilling & without trace on doorway - pull up bar for doorway is ready to use without assembling in just some minutes. hook door frame pull-up bar the right way into the doorframe, get a full body workout & fold away for storage. do not use this exercise equipment on fragile door frame. 

  • adjustable lenght. doorway pull up bar has adjustable length between 72 cm & 92 cm, so you can choose the appropriate one. the length of this strength training equipment is adjusted via telescopic system. door pull up bar no screws doorway is suitable for standard doorway.

Stamina Exercise Bike And ( System, White/Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • strength system adds upper and lower-body resistance workout with elastic cords; two different color cords offer adjustable intensity
  • adjustable arm of the strength system for variety of resistance exercises
  • with dual-pulleys on each side of the strength system, you can work seated or standing; support handle on the rear of the seat increase exercise variety

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