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Pazzzi Long Fabric Exercise ( Body Sports Fitness Loop Band, Sculpt Butt, Legs, Arms)
Product Highlights:
  • total body workout: our long fabric resistance bands ensure you hit all muscle groups effectively
  • non-slip: our bands are designed with natural latex rubber, ensuring stability and comfortable grip
  • band versatility: use for strength training, physical therapy, yoga/pilates/crossfit & stretching
Qian Resistance Bands Professional ( Workouts,Physical Therapy, Rehab,Yoga, Pilates, Stretching)
Product Highlights:
  • 【premium material】 resistance band is made of 100% eco-friendly natural latex,with a good elasticity, strong recovery. makes you feel confident and comfortable while stretching.
  • 【ideal gift for exercise】 professional grade exercise and resistance bands are ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles as well as specific training, for sports athletes, seniors, physical therapy, strength training, rehabilitation, wrestling, bodybuilding, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, chair workouts.
  • 【large size】 59 inch long by 5.9 inch wide. you can tie a knot for a loop band or take a couple wraps around your hands for a secure grip or fold them over for more tension.
A AZURELIFE Higher Resistance ( Rehab, At-Home Or The Gym Workouts, Strength Training)
Product Highlights:
  • 【premium quality】 sale is for 2-band set(blue, gray), come in different resistance levels( medium, x-heavy), made from upgraded rubber material, not sticky material, eco-friendly, non-toxic, odor free&latex-free, available for those with a latex allergy.
  • 【5 ft. long by 6 inches wide】 the band measures 5 feet long x 6" wide, durable, elastic, lightweight and portable, the band is compact,which works well in the clinic, the gym, at home or on the road.
  • 【simple and effective】 the bands are perfect for resistance training and rehabilitation, the resistance band is simple&effective tool, which provides both positive and negative force. the more the band is stretched, the more the resistance increases, and the band will contract as the force decreases. multiple exercises can be performed with a single resistance band.
YUNMAI Set Of 5 ( Resistance Training Home Workouts And Travel Home Gym)
Product Highlights:
  • comfortable & unbreakable - strong and tight sewing method makes booty bands much safer than rubber hip band, yunmai pull up exercise band long is not easy to break.
  • lightweight & portable - these resistance bands long are lightweight enough to carry everywhere. it comes with a backpack, allowing you can make muscles activities in any place. choose any one for your strength suitable to everywhere.
  • different resistance & different colors - yunmai set of glute bands long are with 5 different resistance colors and levels. you could choose the fit strength according the workout you do.
PullUp Bands ResistanceBands ExerciseBands ( Resistance Loop Bands Perfect For Gym Home Or Travel)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ perfect for any kind of exercise our red exercise band is perfect for men and women no matter skill level, ability, or age. it provides for a low amount of resistance (15-35lbs) and is great for warm-ups, and stretching, including pilates and yoga, to create a more varied workout.
  • ✅ optimum durability and elasticity these long resistance bands are made of 100% latex with high-quality elasticity which helps it to maintain its strength and durability for the long-run. they won't tear with extended use but remain strong even when using weights or when doing stretches.
  • ✅ physical benefits our resistance band helps to extend the reach and create added pressure to normal stretches. this strengthens and lengthens muscles creating greater mobility. the workout bands also can be a great tool for rehabilitation. they can assist in building muscle and toning without fear of causing injury and are perfect for muscles that need to be retrained or restrengthened.
Micrael Home Solid Exercise ( Therapy, Pilates, Chair Exercises 59 X 5.9 Inches)
Product Highlights:
  • perfect size - each band measures 59 inch long x 5.9 inches wide, perfect length to use for legs and arms; just put the resistance band set into the carrying pouch, and take them anywhere you go, home, office, outdoor, travel with families, colleagues and friends. just enjoy your workout
  • bright color resistance stretch bands - green band (light - 15 lb.), red band (medium -20 lb.), orange band (heavy - 25 lb.) you can try to use the lightest band and look forward to progress up to the next two, also can use multiple pieces of bands together or double over band to increase the resistance
  • physical therapist highly recommend - the long resistance bands can provide the right amount of resistance to help patients in the rehabilitation process to restore or strengthen their physical functions, like foot surgery, shoulder injury, knee joint rehab, ankle surgery, recliner exercise, etc
Long Resistance Bands Set ( Fitness, Physical Therapy, Home Gym(3 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • 3 resistance levels – unlike other pull up assistance bands, these fabric resistance bands have the same size (40 inches) and three resistance levels. you can start using these stretch bands follow the instructions as a beginner and increase the difficulty as you advance.
  • premium fabric – our exercise bands for working out are made of high quality cotton polyester with strong resistance. unlike other latex bands for women.our pull up bands resistance bands will not rolling up or curling during workout. does not likely to digged into your skin. soft and stretchable cotton of our workout bands resistance helps you in building, toning muscle for your full body.
  • full body sculpting – inner layer of pull up assist resistance bands are stitched with anti-slip elastic line, prevent slipping or sliding with every workout. orikaso bands are ideal for assisting in p90x, crossfit, yoga, insanity, pilates, hot yoga, and beach body workouts, you can use these amazing booty resistance bands for pretty much all workout programs.
UglySwan Loop Resistance Bands ( Fitness & Stretching (1 Free Long Resistance Bands))
Product Highlights:
  • 💯【upgraded elastic material】resistance loop bands made of 100% natural ecological latex, which are not rubber excersize band (much cheaper & tend to break easily). our resistance band is handy but powerful, elastic bands for exercise can keep the resistance after a dozen reps stretching further
  • 💪【loop resistance bands】with 5 different strength levels from 5 lb to 30 lb, resistance loops ideal for local body optimization to help to beautify arms/ exalt hip/ shape legs
  • 🦵【long resistance bands】full body workouts can be performed with fitness bands, warming up & stretching to shape a beautiful figure, relieve pressure and fatigue effectively. stretch bands are also ideal for women to use during pregnancy and after childbirth to stay healthy
Resistance Bands Set 4 ( At-Home Or The Gym Workouts, Strength Training (Red))
Product Highlights:
  • [2021upgrade resistance belt]: resistance bands set is made of 100% environmentally friendly natural latex, which has skin affinity, is non-toxic, durable, and feels softer and softer.
  • level 4 resistance: the color of the band ranges from light to dark, representing an increase in resistance (pink 28 pounds, coral red 36 pounds, rose red 45 pounds, red 55 pounds). whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can easily customize the training according to your strength, ability and comfort.
  • easy to use: resistance bands are great for resistance training and rehabilitation. you can wrap the resistance band around your hand for greater tension and a sense of security. resistance bands can be used to regulate and restore muscles and are ideal for strengthening training.

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