25 Best Hockey Dumbbell Workouts – Exercises & Training Plans

You can easily follow along these dumbbell workouts at home. These workouts are short enough to be done quickly but pack a ton of punch to get your heart rate pumped and get you lean and mean. Here are 25 hockey dumbbell workouts.

1. Workout For Hockey Players With Only One Dumbbell

2. Home Hockey Workout With Dumbbells

3. Hockey Upper Body + Core Workout [push + Pull]

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11. At Home Hockey Follow Along Workout

12. In-season Hockey Workout [limited Space + No Equipment]

13. Man Maker Mayhem Workout

A quote to ponder:

“The trouble is if you don’t spend your life yourself, other people spend it for you.”
― Peter Shaffer, Five Finger Exercise

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15. Hockey Speed Workout For Speed Like Mcdavid

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17. Skate Faster With These Stretches

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22. At-home Follow Along Hockey Workout – No Equipment Needed

23. Real Workout

24. 9-minute At Home Hockey Workout

25. Dumbbell Hockey Lunge