13 Of The Best Dumbell Workout Cards On The Market

Here are 13 top rated dumbell workout cards currently on the market. Get fit, lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle by engaging in a few minutes of workouts every day.

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Exercise Cards Dumbbell Vol ( Personal Trainer Large Waterproof Plastic 3.5”x5” Cards)
Product Highlights:
  • ✓ transform your body: build muscle, tone & tighten your body. build muscle by lifting heavier and heavier weights. burn calories in the process and increase your metabolism causing you to lose fat! develop your six pack, improve strength and posture. great for indoor workouts and home gyms. exercise your entire body; shoulders, legs, arms, chest, glutes, biceps, triceps, deltoids, hamstrings, abs, core, etc! perfect home workouts or creating your own fitness program routine.
  • ✓ easy to follow: easy, easy easy. just look at the illustration and you’ll know what to do. clearly illustrated start/finish positions and shows exactly which muscles are targeted during each exercise. need more information? we have a full text explanation on the other side. great for indoor workouts and home gyms. be your own personal trainer and achieve your fitness goals! personal trainer approved!
  • ✓ largest most complete workout deck on the market: we don’t waste your time with blank “wild” cards, cards that just have the logo on one side, exercises that are only subtile variations, too much clutter or too hard to understand. contains 50 of the most effective dumbbell exercises! 7 workouts, a goals and guide cards.
VOL 12 DUMBBELL EXERCISE ( Building Guide W/ Free Weights & Resistance - 20"x30")
Product Highlights:
  • laminated, vol. 1&2 poster contains: this is the original plus a sequel to our best-selling dumbbell exercise poster. each poster contains 40 great dumbbell exercises! 80 total! great for indoor workouts and home gyms.
  • easy to follow: clearly illustrated start/finish positions and shows exactly which muscles are targeted during each exercise
  • workout your entire body: exercises for your entire body | upper, lower & core body workouts
2Pack Bodyweight Dumbbell ( Includes 100 Different Exercises With Bonus Cards)
Product Highlights:
  • perfect for at-home workouts: you don’t need thousands of dollars worth of expensive equipment to be healthy, strong, and fit. grab your cards, your dumbbells, and yourself, and you’re ready to burn calories, reach fitness goals, build muscle, and increase strength! with 100 exercises including both dumbbell and bodyweight, you can switch things up often. keep your workout routine as fresh, challenging, and targeted as you want.
  • 100 cards for pro workouts: pack includes 50x dumbbell cards and 50x bodyweight cards. twice the cards at a bargain price! choose from a wide variety of exercises, each designed to target specific areas. work every part of your body: arms, legs, glutes, abs, core, shoulders, and more! plus, each deck includes special bonus cards to help you create a completely custom workout, set fitness goals, and keep a calendar.
  • helpful illustrations: while step-by-step instructions break down the process, illustrations guarantee you’re positioning your body and equipment correctly. whether you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete, these beautiful, easy-to-follow illustrations will have you exercising like a pro in no time! no need to carefully examine each card to find the one you need - just take a quick glance at the illustration on the cover!
DigyHealth Workout Cards ( Proof Design – Ideal For Personal Training Home Gym)
Product Highlights:
  • the perfect solution: looking for a way of getting your dream body without spending every day at the gym? would you like to make sure your workout provides maximum results and enhanced performance? the digyhealth workout cards are exactly what you need!
  • premium quality materials: these exercise cards are made with superior quality, highly durable pvc, a special material which is waterproof, tearproof and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.
  • your own personal trainer: these dumbbell cards illustrate 8 guided workout routines, showing you how to improve technique, maximize muscle building and get the body you always wanted. from pre and post workout stretching, these cards are ideal for beginners and advanced!
Exercise Cards BODYWEIGHT ( Calisthenics Training Routine (3.5"x5", English Vol 1))
Product Highlights:
  • contains: 50 of the most effective exercises that you can do! target your core, abs, glutes, chest, shoulders, arms, upper body, and legs. cardio too. 10 stretches, 7 workouts, and a goals and guide card. no equipment necessary for most exercises!
  • easy to use, great at home or for travel: illustrations are simple, clear, thorough. just look at the images and you will know how to execute each exercise. no more guesswork. you won't have to reference online or elsewhere. the start/finish positions (and in-between if necessary) are shown via graphic line drawings. both beginners & personal trainers love our products. small enough to carry with you.
  • transform your body: build muscle. burn calories. tone & tighten your body. develop your six pack. improve strength & posture. since we graphically display the targeted muscles of each exercise, you know what areas you are working out. we also have thorough instructions and tips on the back of each card. and we're personal trainer approved!
Stack 52 Dumbbell Exercise ( Free Weight Sets And Home Gym Fitness. (2019 Mega Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • new for 2019: we kept everything our customers love about dumbbell stack 52 and improved it based on their feedback. the cards are 50% larger. the font is larger and easier to read. the illustrations are larger. the new design is beautiful and fun.
  • the mega pack contains all 104 exercises in the dumbbell stack 52 series. difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced and targets every muscle group: legs (24 exercises), arms (10), chest (9), shoulders (10), back (8), abs (17), cardio (14), and full body (12). achieve elite fitness and become an expert with dumbbells.
  • create awesome workouts in seconds: no planning or preparation. shuffle the cards and deal yourself a workout or play a card game. visit our website for free game ideas or modify your favorite card game into a workout!
QuickFit 2 Pack ( Exercise Card Set - 2.5" X 3.5")
Product Highlights:
  • dumbbell workout poster - laminated 18" x 27"
  • bodyweight exercise card set - 2.5" x 3.5" (standard playing card size)
Yoga Cards Pose Sequence ( For Beginner & Intermediates - Durable Plastic)
Product Highlights:
  • ✓ the yoga card deck with everyone in mind – yoga is not just for the yogis and yoginis of the world. our deck has 70 poses, and 9 yoga flows for every level. each routine is specifically created to suit your unique lifestyle or occupation. there are also 2 blank cards to create your own yoga sequence.
  • ✓ take your yoga practice with you – yoga dvd’s, yoga teachers and wifi are in short supply when you take your practice into the wild or travel to far flung places. this yoga sequencing deck allows you to om outdoors and complete a rewarding practice no matter where you find yourself.
  • ✓ large easy to follow yoga practice guide – you can read through the yoga flash cards deck with sanskrit before you begin, or simply lay the large exercise cards in front of you as you go through each flow. clear posture illustrations, with a full text explanation will guide you through your practice.
Stack 52 Flexibility Exercise ( Down. Increase Joint Range Of Motion. (Updated Deck))
Product Highlights:
  • new for 2019: we kept everything our customers love about flexibility stack 52 and improved it based on their feedback. the cards are 50% larger. the font is larger and easier to read. the illustrations are larger. the new design is beautiful and fun.
  • contains: 52 of the most effective dynamic and static stretching exercises on large suited and numbered playing cards. perfect for pre-workout warm up and post-workout cool down. no additional equipment is needed.
  • improve flexiblity safely: no planning or preparation. shuffle the deck and deal yourself a stretching routine or play a flexibility stack 52 card game. visit our website for free game ideas or modify your favorite card game into a stretching program!
Palace Learning 3 Pack ( Exercise Playing Card Set (Laminated))
Product Highlights:
  • set of 2 posters and 50 unique exercise cards
  • each poster is 18" x 27” in size
  • each card 2.5" x 3.5" (standard playing card size)
QuickFit Bodyweight Exercise Cards ( 2.5" X 3.5" (Standard Playing Card Size))
Product Highlights:
  • each card 2.5" x 3.5" (standard playing card size)
  • 51 unique workout cards
  • durable plastic construction - waterproof
12Pack Laminated Large Workout ( Band, Stretching, Kettlebell & More Fitness Gym Posters)
Product Highlights:
  • plan workouts like a pro: perhaps it’s the easy to see instructions that makes grand basics gym posters the most popular for home fitness and small gyms. maybe it’s the 460+ home exercise options, or even the eye-catching design that’s cleaner than other workout posters. regardless, just be careful when you stick grand basics on your wall, because you might just get in shape faster than you thought!
  • 460+ exercise ideas! while we don’t show you how to create a workout, we give you enough exercises in your workout poster set to last forever! in fact, if you choose 5 random exercises every day, you’d have workouts to last for 50 billion years (we did the math). easy to understand for beginners, but also easy to glance for pros and pt’s to plan out a personal training session or create it on the fly.
  • set of 12, single-sided, 17” x 27” posters: barbell exercise poster, bodyweight exercise poster, dumbbells poster, stability ball workout poster, kettlebell workout chart, medicine ball poster, tension bands exercise, stretching poster, suspension training, yoga poster, foam roller exercise wall poster plus muscle group gym poster. a total workout for beginners to experts.

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