29 Best Dumbbell Love Handle Workouts For Women – Exercises & Training Plans

Ready for a healthy you? Watch these 29 dumbbell love handle workouts for women, follow the video instructions, perform the dumbbell workouts and watch your body get leaner and stronger.

1. 10 Minute Kettlebell Love Handle Workout For Strong Abs And Core

2. Side Bend Exercise With Dumbbell – Love Handles, Abdominal

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5. 15 Min Abs

6. 10 Minute Love Handle Workout

7. 10 Min Abs

8. Get Rid Of Love Handles Workout (burn Belly Fat Fast)

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13. Muffin Top Workout

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14. Intense 5 Minute At Home Love Handles Workout

15. Get Abs In 2 Weeks

16. Hourglass Abs Workout

17. 10 Minute Ab Workout

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20. 12 Minute Standing Abs With Dumbbell Workout

21. 10 Min Lower Abs Workout

22. 5-minute Standing Flat-belly Workout

23. 10 Min Intense Lower Abs Workout

24. The Quickest Muffin-top Workout

25. How To Lose Love Handles For Women! [diastasis Recti Safe Home Ab Workout]

26. 8-minute Standing Workout For Love Handles (no Equipment Needed)

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29. 5-minute Love Handle Workout