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Cream Horn Molds McoMce ( Waffle Cone Pastry Roll Horn Croissant Mold Metal Cones)
Product Highlights:
  • safe and environmental friendly - cream horn molds of us adopt high quality stainless steel. they are high hardness, durability, safe and reliable, and you can touch the food directly with confidence.
  • perfect shaping - put the kneaded dough on the cream mold cone and put them to the oven, then remove the screw and you can get perfect hollow croissant. you can fill the hollow with your favorite filling to get more delicious pastries.
  • simple and beautiful - shape of this puff pastry horn mold are simple but beautiful.
Kslong Cream Horn Molds ( Conical Danish Pastry Croissant Cones Moulds)
Product Highlights:
  • size:height: 4.7 inch diameter: 3.5cm material:high quality stainless steel
  • our full-sized mould are made from stainless steel,so it is easy to wash,non-toxic,it is environmentally friendly.
  • our molds are perfect for your oven,and you just need to bake according to the recipe instructions.after baking,a rolling mould can be drawn out to leave a cavity for filling in the bread,which makes filling more convenient.
12Pcs Cannoli Tubes Stainless ( Spiral Cake Horn Bread Baking Molds)
Product Highlights:
  • package include: 12pcs cannoli tubes baking mold.easy to use, just bake and fill with your favorite recipe
  • material: made from stainless steel which will not rust,durable and easy to maintain (note: please hand wash and keep dry thoroughly after use)
  • cream horn mould: the length of tubular shaped 4.9inches/12.5cm;diameter:1inches/2.5cm." using simple,various shapes,suitable for restaurants,families,etc
26 PCS Cannoli Tubes ( Tubes For Danish Pastry Cream Roll Mold)
Product Highlights:
  • packaging includes: 12 pcs cream horn forms and 4 pcs cannoli form tubes, 1 set cake decorating tips combo (6 pcs stainless steel piping nozzles tips kit with 1 pcs reusable piping bags and 1 pcs coupler) and 2 pcs cleaning brush.
  • material: high quality anti rust stainless steel with no coating on both inside and outside, which is non-toxic and healthy (note: please hand wash and keep dry thoroughly after use).
  • sizes: cream horn forms in 3 different sizes, 3.5 inch, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch; cannoli form tubes is 5 inch in 2 style, a variety of sizes to meet your needs.
16 Pack Cream Horn ( Tubes Ice Cream Mold,Standing Cone Shape)
Product Highlights:
  • cream horn molds size:height: 5.5inches; diameter:1.4 inches.
  • baking cones package:16 pcs cream horn molds and 1 cleaning brush.
  • cream horn molds size material:100% high quality anti rust 430 stainless steel,non-toxic and healthy.
Mlici 20pack Cream Horn ( Cone Molds Funnel Shape For Kitchen, Party, Baking Waffle)
Product Highlights:
  • brief introduction - 4.8 x 1.35 inches cream mold horns are made of 100% high quality anti- rust stainless steel which is non-toxic and available with either a hardened matt or polished surface.
  • high quality - the stainless portion brings on solid fruit and clean acidity. using special stainless steel baking roller to ensure the coffee beans can be roasting equally. for its fast heating up and slow cooling down features energy can be saved efficiently.
  • standing cone shape - the cannoli tubes are easy to be removed from the shells. diagonal and tubular-shaped form with slant edges avoiding it rolling away and dough squashing into the seam.
Cream Horn Molds Stainless ( Tubes Croissant (cream Cone))
Product Highlights:
  • cream horn molds:the length of standing cone shape is 4.8inches/12.2cm,the bottom diameter is 1.38inches/3.5cm. the length of tubular shaped 4.9inches/12.5cm;diameter:1inches/2.7cm."
  • canolli tubes and cream horn molds :you can easy to maintain because they are made from stainless steel so will not rust,durable and it is easy to wash that ready for the next use.
  • east to maintain and space saving: smooth surface prevents pastry sticking to it. almost seamless cream horn molds do not catch dough and make it easy to remove baked goods.dry thoroughly before storage. only need a small space if you stack the cream horn molds together one by one.
26 Pieces Cream Horn ( Pastry Molds With 1 Piece Cleaning Brush)
Product Highlights:
  • package include: 16 pieces stainless steel cream cone molds, 10 pieces baking tube molds with dipped finish on both ends, 1 piece cleaning brush. great diy tools to fill with your favorite recipe.
  • reliable material: made of food grade stainless steel, reliable to use for making desserts, non-stick material, easy to remove your desserts, anti-rust and anti-corrosion for long lasting.
  • premium design: comes with classic cone shape and tube shape with dipped finish on both ends, the smooth surface prevents pastry sticking to it, all for your best experience of use.
RoseFlower 30PCS Stainless Steel ( Bread Mold For Cannoli Tubes Croissant Baking#2)
Product Highlights:
  • material: made of high quality stainless steel, you may not worry about their durability. the high-grade material ensures you great taste and great mood.
  • easy to use: smooth surface prevents pastry sticking to it. almost seamless cream horn molds do not catch dough and make it easy to remove baked goods.
  • premium quality: this croissant mould is made of high quality heavy duty stainless steel, durable construction, easy to use and easy to clean. these croissant mould making tools will be your fantastic home kitchen hands.
YARDWE 12pcs Croissant Molds ( Cream Horn Molds Baking Coil Horn Mold)
Product Highlights:
  • for long lasting usages, hand wash and dry thoroughly.
  • benefit from these effective small cannoli tubes as a savory appetizer and sweet dessert
  • made from stainless steel which will not rust and easy to maintains
Mrs Andersons Baking Cream ( 4, Measures 4.375-Inches Tall)
Product Highlights:
  • mrs. anderson's cream horn molds for forming and baking cone-shaped pastry shells for fun lunches, appetizers and more
  • made from stainless steel; heat resistant, durable and reusable; each mold measures 4.375-inch tall
  • simply wrap 1/2-inch strips of puff pastry around the mold from pointed end toward the large end; overlap each layer to avoid holes; bake and fill

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