Hi! I am Jason.

I started this blog to log everything I researched for things I could do at / with my home.

I love working out in my own private space at home. So this site began with a lot of home workouts. I started creating posts for anything that I could add to challenge myself during my workout sessions at home. Today, this has evolved into a full and dedicated section in this blog titled “Home Workouts“.

Next, I shifted my focus toward automating my home. This involved smart gadgets and gears (lots of gizmos like WiFi-conncected lights synced with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and so on).

Soon, I will be adding more stuff about Gardening and Lawns.

This has been a wonderful journey so far, and I intend to keep on documenting and journaling more as I research and find more of the best stuff for my (and through this blog, now your) home.

As I continue on with my research, my goal is to document only the best stuff for home on this site – so that you do not have to waste your time going through the same stuff again.

Thanks for visiting!

— Jason