28 Best Ab Workouts On A Pull Up Bar – Easy to Follow Video Exercises

Ready for a healthy you? Watch these 28 best ab workouts on a pull up bar, follow the video instructions, perform the ab exercises and watch your body get leaner and stronger.

1. 5 Min. Pullup Bar Abs Workout – Follow Along

2. Pull Up Bar Ab Exercises

3. 5 Min. Lower Abs Workout On Pull-up Bar

4. 5 Best Exercises For The Pull Up Bar

5. 30 Unique Ab Exercises On A Pull Up Bar [6-pack Style]

A quote to ponder:

“It’s so easy to lose your fitness and so hard to gain it back.”
― Odeta Stuikys Rose

6. 8 Minute Killer Pull Up Bar Back And Ab Workout

7. How To Get 6 Pack Abs Series Part 2

8. 5 Great Indoor Pull-up Bar Abs Workout (beginner)

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23. Core Routine Using A Pull Up Bar

24. Pull Up Workout For Abs

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26. Hanging Leg Raise

27. Pullup Bar Ab Routine

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